Please buy your food coupons as soon as possible. Food Coupons can be cancelled before 10th of June 2019 with full refund.  Please register for ଓଡ଼ିଆ ପିଠା ପ୍ରତିଯୋଗିତା. Cultural Events are starting on July 4th.    Musical Extravaganza begin on July 4th afternoon at Harrah's.    Enjoy Independence Day Fireworks with your friends and family.   Youth meet and greet begin on July 4th.   Special Odia Pittha Competition followed by authentic Maha Prasad on the occasion of Sri Jagannath Ratha Yatra awaits you.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors


Uma Mishra & Shantilata Mishra


Litu Panda & Dr.Keshab Panda


Romina Padhi & Suraj Tripathy

Manoj Panda & Mahasweta Rath

Soumendra Samal & Suman Kothari

Madhumita Misra & Dhirendra Kar

Ranjita Mishra & Pradeep Mohapatra

Sasmita Mahapatra & Tushar Mahapatra

Nivedita Mohanty & Ajaya Mohanty

Namita Samantara & Nihar Samantara

Namrata Das & Lalatendu Mohanty

Madhu Sahoo & Basant Kumar Pradhan

Anushilla Panigrahi & Prabhas Panigrahi

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Rajshree Rath

Chaitali Das & Sribatsa Das


Sunita Kanumury

Aarthi Natarajan & Tirthankar Das

Yasaswini Mohapatra & Prabhat Mohapatra

Lori Patnaik & Satyadeep Patnaik

Shibani Padhi & Amar Senapati

Subhashree Mallick & Subhasish Parida

Saswati Mahapatra & Anshuman Panigrahi

Sanghamitra Pati & Niranjan Pati

Florence Thankappan & Bijay Pattnaik

Priyabrata Tripathy & Aradhana Das

Sarojina Misra & Devi Misra

Sarita Dehury & Krushna Samanta

Deepa Bhandari & Subhashish Tripathy

Vani Mishra & Subhasish Panda

Kumari Bijayalaxmi Nanda & Akhila Mahapatra

Anuradha Satpathy & Debasis Rath

Jagannath Mohanty & Eva Mohanty

Krishna Satapathy & Gayatri Mahapatra

Sudha Patnaik & Ramprasad Patnaik

Sasmita Satpathy & Ashok Panigrahi

Sukesini Dehury & Subhendu Biswal

Jigisha Biswal & Manoranjan Das

Anuradha Mishra & Pranaya Mishra

Sanjukta Das & Annada Das

Lora Pattnaik & Sidharth Mohanty

Priya Das & Sudhendu Das

Archana Upadhyaya & Trupti Mahapatra

Simantini Das & Satish Mohapatra

Srilakshmi Angara & Ravi Angara


Shikha Parida & Debabrat Nayak

Sandhya Behera & Goutam Behera

Sarmistha Dutta & Ashutosh Dutta

Pirkko Pattanayak & Dhyanaranjan Pattanayak

Pratima Das & Bijoy Das

Sipra Rath & Narayan Rath

Shishir Senapati & Snigdha Senapati

Sushree Panda & Pramit Panda

Manjulata Mishra & Arun Mishra

Ritu Agarwal & Bikash Agarwal

Swetaluna Behera & Naresh Dalua

Aparna Mohapatra & Priyaranjan Mohapatra

Odisha Society of the Americas' Golden Jubilee Convention

About This Convention

Celebrate 50 glorious years of togetherness

We are privileged to live in the oldest democracy. Democracy starts with a “D”. So do diversity and differences. These 3 D’s are essential to maintain democracy. Our democracy is stronger and has lived longer because of them. Our demographics is changing. Needs and aspiration of immigrants and second generation Odias is changing. OSA as a custodian of culture is at an inflection point. To embrace the new generation, we need to adopt. To remain relevant, we need to adopt. To become stronger, we need members. Let’s build bridges. Not bridge to nowhere. But, bridge to the future. To celebrate 50 glorious years of our togetherness and to build bridges to the future, we invite everyone to join us during July 4-7, 2019 at Harrah’s Atlantic City, New Jersey. This convention will bring Odias together from the North Americas and the world to celebrate our culture and build bridges for the next 50 years. To do so, we will mobilize to meet the needs and aspirations of the generation born here and arriving from Odisha as new immigrations. Yes, we believe in prosperity. Jobs, immigration, investment and business are in our mind beyond serving as the custodian of culture. Come with friends and families!
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Convention Venue

The Location

Venue for the 50th convention is Atlantic City Harrah's. Atlantic City offers the best of the entertainment world. Enjoy vacation of your life time at a great location while you celebrate 50th convention. Nothing can be great! This is once upon a life time. Atlantic City Airport (ACY) is located in the city. Philadelphia Airport (PHI) is an hour away, Mercer County Airport (TTN) is about 2 hours away, Newark International (EWR) is about two hours away, JFK is about 2&1/2 hours away, LGA is about 2&1/2 hours away, and Islip is about 3 hours away from Atlantic City. Atlantic City Line of New Jersey Transit trains are available from New York City. Trains and buses are available from Philadelphia to Atlantic City.
Harrah's Atlantic City


Great event space, great rooms, great ambience.
Modern Convention Center


Event space is large enough to accommodate whole of Odisha Society of the Americas. Corridors are long enough to offer the best opportunity to the vendors. Amenities are great. One does not have to walk far from room to the event floor. Everything under one roof.
Harrah's Atlantic City


Odiya food cooked on site to placate our taste buds. Rooms are specious and renovated. Coupon given for hotel parking.

Cultural Events

Our Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

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